Purveyors of evil
Woven through the fabric of society
Where greed becomes the new culture
And lies the new truth

Emptiness fills our spaces
Wanton lives evolve into breathing hatred
Crushed spirits litter the street
And death lingers everywhere

Unimaginable suffering a lasting effect
Hearts slayed and scattered to the wind
Mind bereft of pure thought
And clouded with deceit

What is right and just a mere wisp of passing wind
Reality trampled by stampeding lust
Health of the body invaded
And knowledge forsaken

Masters of terror reign like volcanic ash
Uncaring of life, of hope, of love
Destroyers of freedom
And sanctity of thought

Walkers of the night, they are
Scavengers of dirt
Motionless pillars of antiquity
And fearful of light

Feed on their friends and enemies alike
Return to the deep, dank, depths of hell
Recharge their fiery batteries
And continue on their merry way.

Shelley Ann Vrgleski