We wander through life, it seems
Without aim or direction
Waiting for something magical to happen
Always waiting or delaying or procrastinating
Now that’s a word: procrastination

Life seems to be one long stall of action
Yes, we go through the motions
We get up, work, go to bed
The monotony of life
That can’t be all there is

This pattern repeats time and again
If this were all there was to life
what would be the point?
We ask ourselves, what would be the point?
The point, someone might say, is not to do it

Surely we are not here merely to take up space
In this vast world of living organisms
Weeds and wild flowers tend to sprout at will
Any given place or time
As do we all

It’s never been about us, though
Our world is the making of someone else
We are merely passengers in someone else’s grand plan
Compromise and submission
That’s what it’s truly about

As time goes by, we start to see things differently
Experience and knowledge brings with it a certain boldness
We question things that do not make sense
Things are not always as they seem on the surface
Truth is elusive

Life is chaotic, especially right now
But, there is structure even in chaos
Uniformity in our thinking and response
The breaking point where chaos becomes the quiet normality
And normality is but an illusion

It tells us we can’t wait any longer
It tells us to search for our own purpose
It tells us not to be a blind follower
Not to be a passenger in our own lives
Be a driver

Life Series #1
Shelley Ann Vrgleski