Night of the howling moon
Whispers of a fate to come
Gateway’s heavy chains rattle
Spirits attune to the summoning
Wisps of dragon’s breath fills the darkness
A yawning chasm cracks open

Whispers on the wind:
come sing to us

Upon the mount they wait
Insanity, a temporary measure
All thought dissolved
Preening wails of delight
Scratching, crawling, biting
Tearing at each other

And yet, whispers on the wind:
come play with us

Thunder rumbles in the distance
Cracks of lightning streak across the red sky
Earth shakes with nervous anticipation
The storm approaches
Its winds grow fierce
The prophesies of the Book of Joel revealed

Voices carry on the wind:
come be with us

A lone wolf circles the mount, haunches high
Red hatred its only sight
Guardian of the gate
The great wolf paces
Eyes shifting, ever alert
His duty, protect humankind

Lonely cries on the wind:
be one with us

Forget your mind, sweetness
Forgive your body, lovely
Come sing to me, he whispers

Forget your home, honey
Forgive your heart, love
Come be with me, he whispers

And in the pale light of the blood moon
An iridescent silhouette appears
Summoned by whispering winds
And promises of everlasting delight
Born in lust and deceit
And primal hate

Moans of expectant desire fill the warm night air:
you’ve come my beauty

She whispers enticingly to the great protector
Come to me my beautiful one
A rumbling growl
He moves toward her
A moment of silent appraisal
Her sweetness overwhelming and he bows down

Yes, yes, yes says whispering winds:
you’re mine for all eternity

A blade, a cry, the guardian dies
The gate opens wide
Its stench intoxicating
Hands of blood and heart of hatred
She welcomes him in
She welcomes the end.

Shelley Ann Vrgleski