Love Letter – C

It has been months since we last drew breath together
My body and mind ache for you, my love
I fear my own sanity
My maid servants fear me… and well they should !
From sun’s birth to its death, I crave you
If only it would do my bidding and bring you to me
For am I not a goddess who commands all ?
And you a god?

I smell you in my mind
My obsession is complete
Your very thought a torture upon my soul
Why do you do this to your goddess? I know not
The thought of your touch brings me to the precipice of ecstasy
A whirling painful ecstasy
I want you flowing inside me, over me, beside me
One with me

You steal my heart and capture my soul
No other man has won me, such like you
I am flayed, open body and soul to you
Our love is divine
Sanctified among all gods
ти си само мој
Сè што сум е твое за да се гоштеваш
Yes, feast upon me !

A feast of delectable fantasy, my love
I am the honey and you the bee
You are my powerful and spirited Arabian night
No other can match your virility
Am I not your chariot, my love ?
My whip drives you mad, splits you in two
Pull me into the vast desert
Where I may worship your body, O my king

These eyes of khol see only you
This golden mouth tastes only you
My thoughts are only of you
Would that my powers could bring you to me now
So that I may prove my obsession
Succumb to your merciless love
Feed upon your fire
Feed your beast

Your eyes devour me
My body is a shimmering reflection in those dark depths
Oh, the things you want to do with me
Your soft, full lips blaze fire down this lonely body
Your hands press me close… oh such wondrous things you do
My passion flower awakes to your touch
Warm red silk to play and tantalize
I beg for you, all of you

I worship every inch of you
Upon that golden skin I would lie
And die a thousand deaths
Before I would let you go
I am but dust in the sands of time
Forever lost to you
Give me your soul, my love
And seal your fate to mine.

Shelley Ann Vrgleski