I awake in my small bed one misty mornOn the old Callahan homesteadAnd who did I find but a LeprechaunPerched upon my threadbare bedspread. Did it startle me? Oh yes!My heart leapt into my throatHow did I get into this mess, I thoughtWasn’t this a stroke! My weary bones froze in placeLike a lamb before … More Leprechaun

The Camelion: A Fable after Monsieur De La Motte

OFT has it been my lot to markA proud, conceited, talking spark,With eyes, that hardly serv’d at mostTo guard their master ‘gainst a post,Yet round the world the blade has beenTo see whatever cou’d be seen,Returning from his finish’d tour,Grown ten times perter than before;Whatever word you chance to drop,The travell’d fool your mouth will … More The Camelion: A Fable after Monsieur De La Motte

Still, The Waters Call

For miles the still ocean calls to me;its voice clear,clean,empty. “Why are you here?” it asks. Why indeed. “I’ve come to write among the waters,” I answer.“Life-giving and hearty, they are;in hopes I will too gain that which is abundant.” “You are not one of us,” it breathes heavily. “Ah, but I am also water.Can … More Still, The Waters Call

The Ass and the Lap-Dog

An Ass who lived in the same family with a favorite Lap-dog, observing the superior degree of affection which the little minion enjoyed, imagined he had nothing more to do, to obtain an equal share in their good graces, than to imitate the Lap-dog’s playful and endearing caresses. Accordingly, he began to frisk about before … More The Ass and the Lap-Dog

The Two Bees

On a fine morning in summer, two bees set forward in quest of honey—the one wise and temperate, the other careless and extravagant. They soon arrived at a garden enriched with aromatic herbs—the most fragrant flowers—and the most delicious fruits. They regaled themselves with the various dainties that were spread before them; the one loaded … More The Two Bees