Authors answer these questions: When reading a story, does your imagination reproduce the story-world of the author? Can you hear, taste, smell, touch those things the writer suggests? Can you see with your eyes shut? Are the pictures you see colored or black & white? Do you see distinct details or is it a blur? Is your response limited to the exact degree to which an author describes & makes vivid, or will the concept have you reproducing it just as vividly? Any difference in behavior of your imagination when reading stories vs writing them? Etc, etc, etc.

Ralph Henry Barbour
Phyllis Duganne
Mary Johnston

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It is beyond the power of print to start a vibration that will beat against the eardrum — and it is hopeless for a writer to attempt to describe a sound which has no effect upon the human ear; but a great composer can create harmonies in his head without even humming, and can record them accurately upon paper with a pencil without a sound being heard. So can an author, by the use of words, arouse memory.

william ashley anderson