A storyteller, I am; one who loves poetry
romantic fiction, science, and mythology
A dreamer, open to new and changing things
the future is bright, I’ll see what it brings
Tenacious artist and optimist, who would have guessed
a balanced Libran would take on this quest
But drawing from this well with regards to you know who
is my inspiration for writing, and photography too.

Shelley-headshot-winterMy name is Shelley Ann Vrgleski and I live with my husband Stojo in Ontario, Canada.

“Life is a journey: Learn often. Live free. Be inspired.” ~Shelley Ann Vrgleski

My debut illustrated book of poetry, Artwork on Mind’s Canvas, has just been launched and it has been a labor of love where I’ve assembled my collection of poems and illustrations into 3 themed chapters:

Pain – exploring darker moments in life
Pleasure – sweet tales of love, life and fantasy
Thought – playful sound bites

Artwork on Mind’s Canvas paints your journey into an artist’s mind
with a brush stroke of words.
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