My Book

Artwork on Mind’s Canvas

An Illustrated Book of Poetry


Takes you from pain-filled transformations to a fantastically euphoric sense of pleasure, culminating in random thought and the art of simply being.

Artwork on Mind’s Canvas is my debut book of poetry with beautifully creative illustrations.  Discover how each poem crafts a small part of the complete picture and how random thought consummates the journey — a journey into the senses as told in 3 chapters:

Pain – exploring darker moments in life 
Pleasure – sweet tales of love, life and fantasy
Thought – playful sound bites 

55 unforgettable poems will leave you thinking, long after you’ve finished the book.  Poem forms are varied and include haiku, diamante, etheree, fable, free verse, katauta, and senryu, among others — both traditional and invented.  

With a brush stroke of words, Artwork on Mind’s Canvas paints your journey into an artist’s mind. 

View my music video trailers of the poems:


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