Song of Solomon

I happened to be browsing through some of my old journals the other day and found a short excerpt from the Bible – a few verses from Chapter 3 of the book Song of Solomon that must have caught my eye at the time.  Simply stated, Song of Solomon is a book in the Bible … More Song of Solomon

Seven Seals

It seems when we hear a skylark singing as if sound were running forward into the future, running so fast and utterly without consideration, straight on into futurity.  And when we hear a nightingale, we hear the pause and the rich, piercing rhythm of recollection, the perfected past.  The lark may sound sad, but with … More Seven Seals

The Quiet Land

Into the land of sleepSlowly, when sinks the sun,Out of the garish streets of dayWe wander, one by one. Here are the hopes that droopedSeeming to fail in the strife;Now in our eyes they gaze and smileWith word of endless life. Here are the homes we planned, –Cottage, palace, and hall,Waiting the tread of our … More The Quiet Land


Airy, fairy Lilian,Flitting, fairy Lilian,When I ask her if she love me,Claps her tiny hands above me,Laughing all she can ;She’ll not tell me if she love me.Cruel little Lilian. When my passion seeksPleasance in love-sighsShe, looking thro’ and thro’ meThoroughly to undo me,Smiling, never speaks: So innocent-arch, so cunning-simple,From beneath her gather’d wimpleGlancing with … More Lilian