I awake in my small bed one misty mornOn the old Callahan homesteadAnd who did I find but a LeprechaunPerched upon my threadbare bedspread. Did it startle me? Oh yes!My heart leapt into my throatHow did I get into this mess, I thoughtWasn’t this a stroke! My weary bones froze in placeLike a lamb before … More Leprechaun

Love Letter – C

It has been months since we last drew breath together My body and mind ache for you, my love I fear my own sanity My maid servants fear me… and well they should ! From sun’s birth to its death, I crave you If only it would do my bidding and bring you to me … More Love Letter – C

Song of Solomon

I happened to be browsing through some of my old journals the other day and found a short excerpt from the Bible – a few verses from Chapter 3 of the book Song of Solomon that must have caught my eye at the time.  Simply stated, Song of Solomon is a book in the Bible … More Song of Solomon


Night of the howling moon Whispers of a fate to come Gateway’s heavy chains rattle Spirits attune to the summoning Wisps of dragon’s breath fills the darkness A yawning chasm cracks open Whispers on the wind: come sing to us Upon the mount they wait Insanity, a temporary measure All thought dissolved Preening wails of … More Revelations

Still, The Waters Call

For miles the still ocean calls to me;its voice clear,clean,empty. “Why are you here?” it asks. Why indeed. “I’ve come to write among the waters,” I answer.“Life-giving and hearty, they are;in hopes I will too gain that which is abundant.” “You are not one of us,” it breathes heavily. “Ah, but I am also water.Can … More Still, The Waters Call