Love Letter – C

It has been months since we last drew breath together My body and mind ache for you, my love I fear my own sanity My maid servants fear me… and well they should ! From sun’s birth to its death, I crave you If only it would do my bidding and bring you to me … More Love Letter – C

Song of Solomon

I happened to be browsing through some of my old journals the other day and found a short excerpt from the Bible – a few verses from Chapter 3 of the book Song of Solomon that must have caught my eye at the time.  Simply stated, Song of Solomon is a book in the Bible … More Song of Solomon


Night of the howling moon Whispers of a fate to come Gateway’s heavy chains rattle Spirits attune to the summoning Wisps of dragon’s breath fills the darkness A yawning chasm cracks open Whispers on the wind: come sing to us Upon the mount they wait Insanity, a temporary measure All thought dissolved Preening wails of … More Revelations


A vast and desolate placeA sleek, dark voidThe pit of remembrance A memory of once long agoA sweet moment of brief respiteLost in the moon tide A voice devoid of emotionAn old record on a turntable — the end of a sad songScratching at the surface of consciousness A set of eyes that cannot seeA … More Woven


We wander through life, it seemsWithout aim or directionWaiting for something magical to happenAlways waiting or delaying or procrastinatingNow that’s a word: procrastination Life seems to be one long stall of actionYes, we go through the motionsWe get up, work, go to bedThe monotony of lifeThat can’t be all there is This pattern repeats time … More Driver